Coaching programs written by a personal cycling coach provide daily training goals, strength and conditioning guidance, valuable daily and weekly feedback, motivation, and yearly direction from a professional coach. Listed below are the main aspects of a coaching program.

The Program


Programs are provided daily via Trainingpeaks.com. Each program is tailored to the individual by a personal cycling coach to push individual limits at any level. Pre written programs are never used. Cycling training programs are posted each week and include daily workouts and notes. In order to get the most out of a online cycling coach program, it is recommended to have a device that can upload training files. Workouts can be uploaded to Training Peaks with a device such as a Garmin, Wahoo, Apple watch, Polar, or any type of power meter.


Nightly emails of your workouts are included for easy view, and to keep you on track.


The Coach


A cycling coach is responsible for creating a detailed training program, individualized to your specific goals, skill level, and lifestyle. Training files can be uploaded for your personal cycling coach to view and comment. Your coach reviews heart rate training zones, power training zones and results, pace, and other stats for each workout, including the notes on how you felt. Comparing your workout file and notes to the daily goal allows your personal cycling coach to gain a very detailed view of your training day. Through this process, your cycling coach will know exactly where you are at in training, how much training you can handle to push your limits, and when it is time to rest and recover.




Communication starts with the program, but also includes daily and weekly email communication, phone calls to discuss training in more detail and gain valuable feedback, and text messages for instant advice and feedback. Communication between the coach and athlete is the foundation for any coaching program. Weekly communication will keep you very focused, provide a great deal of motivation, and keep you on track to reach your goals.



If you would like to learn more about coaching programs, contact Head cycling Coach, Mike Schultz at schultz@highlandtraining.net or 814-289-6620.