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Consulting with a coach gets a second set of eyes on your training and is a great way to learn how to approach training in a more detailed, individualized way. Self coached athletes can benefit greatly from a consultation with a cycling coach, learning best approaches to training with the use of heart rate training zones, power training zones, perceived exertion and more. Learn about the trends in fatigue, along with best practices to achieve gains in speed and power.

Phone Consult – 60-90 minutes

Phone consults provide a great amount of feedback and direction to the self coached athlete. This consult includes heart rate training zones and power file reviews, training log reviews, future training planning advice and direction. Phone consults range from 60-90 minutes.


Phone consults can be done via phone, Skype or Zoom for those outside of the US.


Cost – $150


Please contact to schedule a date and time for a consult.

Full Consult – In Person Only

A full consult to test for heart rate and power training zones will take anywhere between 2-3 hours. Testing can be done on the roads or with the use of an indoor trainer and can take place anywhere - local to your home or a designated area. A consult will include strength and flexibility assessment, threshold power and heart rate test, discussion of results, application to training, and a pre-designed 12 week program.


Cost – $200

Clinics - Training Camps

Cycling Clinics and Training Camps can be arranged for teams, and groups. Cycling clinics are a one day event, and include lecture time, testing and demonstration, Q&A, and a program to use towards training when applicable. The purpose of a clinic is to teach specific skills and science to help everyone train in a smarter, more efficient way.


Training Camps will include personalized testing from one of our cycling coaches, lecture time and training local to your home or at a designated location. Training camps can include a variety of aspects such as motor pacing, short to long training days, and more. The purpose of a training camp is to test, learn and spend time training on the bike to improve fitness. Program provided to use towards training when applicable


Cost will vary depending on the needs of the team or group, number of participants, duration of camp or clinic, and location. Please contact for details.

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