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Head cycling coach Mike Schultz, CSCS of Highland Training
Cycling Coach Mike Schultz racing a mountain bike

Mike Schultz, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, USAC, is the head coach, founder of Highland Training and has more than 20 years of racing, coaching and training experience from endurance and ultra-endurance events. Mike has coached and consulted with more than 400 athletes over the years and currently works with a wide range of cyclists, ranging from dedicated age groupers to national and international elites. Mike is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and certified personal trainer (CPT) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), as well as a USA Cycling Certified Coach. Mike also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Robert Morris University.


Mike has a passion for cycling and gaining strength on the bike. He chased ultra endurance mountain bike 24 hour solo podiums through the 2000's, followed by many 100 mile off road races and multi-day bike pack events over the past 10-12 years. He continues to compete within endurance and ultra endurance events regionally and nationally while continuing to study the science behind cycling specific training.


When not riding and coaching, Mike is a regular contributor to the Training Peaks Blog. He has co authored chapter 9 on Cycling in the 2nd Edition of "Developing Endurance" from the NSCA and Human Kinetics and has other contributions to, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and more. Mike resides in the south west of Pennsylvania where he is a full time coach, proud dad, and trains on the bike year round.

Contact Mike here for questions, coaching and more.

Highland Training has formed partnerships with the coaches below to collaborate with and Co-Coach clients. If you would like more information on coaching partnerships and collaboration, contact us today.

Cycling coach and racer Jeremiah Bishop racing his mountain bike

Jeremiah Bishop of Bishop Training is a 16-time member of the USA Cycling National Team, which represents the USA at international competitions including Continental and World Championships, and the Pan American Games. On eight occasions, Jeremiah has lead the US National Team, producing the team’s highest achievement of the competition, including his gold medal winning performance in the 2003 Pan American Games and his eighth place finish at the 2006 World Championships, which remains tied as the highest placing of a US male at World Championships in over 17 years. Jeremiah is a US National Champion of Short Track and Marathon Mountain Biking.

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