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A runner coached by cycling coach Mike Schultz running a Triathlon

Rajan Thananayagam


"I came to Mike at a time when I needed a step change in my Ironman triathlon training and performance. Mike started to coach me early 2016 using TrainingPeaks as the platform. I’m relatively new to triathlon, starting this 6 years ago when I turned 41 years, and I had little or no background to any of the three disciplines. In 2016, I twice recorded PB’s in half-marathon races (including breaking the 90min barrier), twice in Ironman 70.3 (sub-5hrs) and twice in full-distance Ironman (sub-11hr), and all in one year. So 2016 has been a breakthrough year for me and humbled by these improvements. Full credit goes to Mike as he made it possible. Mike is genuine, down-to-earth and his mantra ‘keep it simple’ resonated well with me. His unwavering commitment to helping you to reach the best shines through in the way he designs highly individualized and challenging training programs to suit the realities of your life and work, and steeped in science to suit athlete’s physiology. Mike is a genius and he demonstrated there is an art to endurance coaching as much as science. I sincerely thank Mike for showing me anything is possible if we set our intentions right."

A mountain bike rider racing her bike

Julie Starr


“Mike has a demonstrated ability to masterfully craft training programs that not only help you meet and exceed your goals, but also programs that attentively balance a dynamic lifestyle of work, training, and life. While his talents and skills may best be experienced via his professional approach and personal athletic accomplishments, his true genius shines in his commitment to the science behind training and its specific application to your training and success. My cycling career is reaching new heights thanks to Mike!”

A mountain bike racer coached by Highland Training racing his bike

Ivan Schwendt


“I am not a mountain bike racer but a very busy professional in the medical field and a father of two. I love biking and was always dreaming about endurance MTB racing. I got there thanks to Mike. First, he helped me properly use and understand training monitors. Then he started preparing flexible, unique, weekly training plans that get reviewed on daily basis. Now, two years later, I compete at solo 12h, 24h and multi day stage MTB races with occasional podium finishes. I have learned a lot in the process, and especially enjoyed the science Mike’s using in his reviews. Thanks Mike!”

A cyclist who is coached by Highland Training racing a cyclocross bike

Matthew Tinkey, M.S., ATC



“Mike’s scientific based approach to training has helped me podium at many races. It is  Mike’s voice (and emails), following his plan and trusting in it it that gives me the confidence to do well in races. Thanks, Mike”

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