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Cyclist racing a mountain bike through the woods

Coaching & Training for Cyclists and Multi Sport Athletes

Coaching Programs

Programs are guided by experienced coaches with proven results. We provide you the tools with custom workouts to keep you focused, weekly communication to keep you informed and motivated, and science backed training information.


We have coaches and coaching programs for all abilities, whether you are a few years into training or an elite athlete, we can provide the best cycling coach and program for you.

Top Athlete Results

1st place - 30-39 Women - USA Cycling marathon nationals - MD - 2022 - Julia Thumel

1st place - Overall Women – Marji Jesick Duathlon - MI - 2022 - Cary Lowery

2nd - Overall Men – McClain Farm Gravel Grinder - OH - 2022 – Simon Clark

1st - Female 50 + - Garlin MTN Half Marathon - GA - 2022 - Cary Lowery

1st - Overall Men - Jailbird 55 Gravel race - TX - 2022 - Justin Leighton

2nd - Overall Men - Big Frog 65 mountain bike race - TN - 2022 - Anthony Grinnell

Our Coaching Process

A Coaches Notepad, utilized in the first step of the coaching process

We gather your data, life schedules and goals to put a plan together.  

Online Training Calendar for Cyclists, used by the cycling coach to post workouts

Workouts will be created and loaded to your online calendar weekly to keep you focused and on track.

The cycling coach

Your coach monitors training, viewing uploaded training files, adjusting the plan and workouts as needed.

A bar chart depicting the progress made by a cyclist in training
A cyclist riding a bike and using the training plan

Weekly reviews of your data and progress by a coach keeps you motivated  and focused on your goals.

You keep riding, training and having fun while we keep reviewing, teaching, and making adjustments to plans and goals.

Coaching programs with a national champion, Jeremiah Bishop

​These training programs are team coached by short track, marathon national champion, and cycling coach, Jeremiah Bishop and strength and conditioning specialist, Mike Schultz. We provide you with workouts and guidance from an elite athlete with custom strength training.

Coaches are Training Partners

We invest time into getting to know you, your abilities and goals. We provide guidance, along with custom training programs backed by years of experience and the latest science to keep you on track. Together we form and work towards goals, while the coach dials in workouts, analyzes results and communicates it all to you.

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