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Mountain bike cyclist training on a trail through the woods

Coaching & Training for Cyclists and Multi Sport Athletes

Coaching Programs

We provide custom workouts to keep you focused, weekly communication to keep you motivated, and science backed training information to keep you informed.  All coaching and training is guided by coaches with 15 plus years of experience and proven results.


We have coaches and coaching programs for all abilities, whether you are a few years into training or an elite athlete, we can provide the best cycling coach and program for you.

Initial consultations to discuss training, coaching programs, and goals are free of charge.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation, to learn how we can help you reach your goals.

Our Coaching Process

We gather your data, life schedules and goals to put a plan together.  

Workouts will be created and loaded to your online calendar weekly to keep you focused and on track.

Your coach monitors training, viewing uploaded training files, adjusting the plan and workouts as needed.

Weekly reviews of your data and progress by a coach keeps you motivated  and focused on your goals.

You keep riding, training and having fun while we keep reviewing, teaching, and making adjustments to plans and goals.

Top Athlete Results

1st place - Virginia State Marathon Championship - VA - 2023 - Abigail Snyder

3rd place - Pro Women - Rothrock Grit - PA - 2023 - Julia Thumel

3rd place - Open Women - True Grit Epic - UT - 2023 - Julia Thumel

1st place - 2 Day Open Women – Uwharrie MTB Challenge - NC - 2023 - Abigail Snyder

1st place - 30-39 Women - USA Cycling marathon nationals - MD - 2022 - Julia Thumel

1st place - Overall Women – Marji Jesick Duathlon - MI - 2022 - Cary Lowery

2nd - Overall Men – McClain Farm Gravel Grinder - OH - 2022 – Simon Clark

Monthly Training Tip

Training should include a touch more intensity and sport specific focus in February. It's the time to still be adding base to improve aerobic power, but at the same time, working the prime movers for cycling and running, to get them ready for more intensity in the spring. Its also important to not to over-analyze this time of year, focus on getting stronger riding longer/harder than needed and look at the weekly and monthly trends in numbers and feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What level of cyclist do you coach?

We work with all levels of athletes, from beginner to elite, of all ages. We will work with anyone who is dedicated to training and focused on goals.

What equipment is needed to work with the programs?

The minimum equipment needed is a heart rate monitor and a GPS unit that tracks your training routes. A power meter is the next piece of equipment that we use and when combined with heart rate data, provides a full picture of training and fitness.

Is strength training included?

Yes, we include strength workouts in every program. For all coached athletes we dial in strength training needs individually.

Do workouts sync with my bike computer and indoor trainer?

Yes, we have structured workouts that sync with bike computers such as a Garmin or Wahoo, and upload to online programs like Zwift, Trainer Road and more.

How do you communicate with your athletes?

We communicate however you like to communicate, whether that is via text messages, phone calls, emails, apps such as zoom or a combination of it all.

Why do I need a personal cycling coach?

If you are looking for quick and personalized answers about training, along with quick and personalized adjustments to your training plan, then hiring a coach is for you. A personal coach offers a far different training experience compared to computer generated plans. A coach is a person you can speak to, to help you manage both the mental and physical side of training and racing.  

What type of cyclists and athletes do you coach?

We coach endurance cyclists who train for mountain bike, gravel, cyclocross, road and stage race events. We also work with runners, triathletes, adventure racers, and other multi sport athletes. 

Any other questions? Contact us.      


Contact us today to set up a free initial phone consultation to discuss your current training, learn about our coaching and training programs, talk about goals, speak about the science behind training and more. Emails are answered daily.

For quick inquiries, to set up a consultation or general questions, calls are answered daily within normal business hours.

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