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Training Programs are individually designed, tailored to your goals and customized around your work and life schedule.


​Programs for endurance and ultra endurance cyclists, runners and multi sport athletes

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Marathon National Champ

Marathon National Champ

Julia Thumel, 2021 Marathon National Champ, 19-29 age group

Tour Divide finish 2021

Tour Divide finish 2021

Audrey Tangye, 2021 Tour Divide Finisher, 29 days!

Harbor Trails Race

Harbor Trails Race

Justin Donoghue cruising to a close 3rd place at Copper Harbor Trails Fest, 2021

1st place, VORS 2019

1st place, VORS 2019

John Petrylak, earning another win in the 2019 Virginia Off Road Series!

3rd Austin Rattler

3rd Austin Rattler

Congratulations to Brad Auen - 3rd place finish in the Pro Field at the 2017 Austin Rattler

Coaching programs with two time national champion, Jeremiah Bishop


These programs are elite level and under the direct guidance of two time national champion, Jeremiah Bishop and strength and conditioning specialist, Mike Schultz.



“Communication is the key to all training programs whether they are Online based or in person. Online coaching programs are very interactive and make the communication flow simple and ideal for a busy lifestyle. Customized programs also keep you focused on your goals. It is my goal to inspire, teach, motivate, and provide the latest and most useful information to help you reach your goals and more.” – Mike Schultz CSCS





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